Wonders of the world

I have created this page as a tribute to places that are special to me. Places that, in the moment I saw them, made me stop and stare in amazement, fully appreciating the location and the sights in front of me.

I’m sharing some of my favourite natural destinations. These are places that made feel as though I was truly living in the moment, appreciating nature at most magnificent, and grateful for my experience.

Nature can be extraordinary in so many different ways; peaceful, beautiful, dramatic, powerful, wild, and dangerous. I have been fortunate to visit fantastic natural scenery across the world. Places so inspiring it almost overwhelms me. Not only does it lift my mood when I’m there, but even after I leave, the feeling in those moments stays with me.

There are still so many examples of untouched nature in our world, and I think we should all get out to see them more often. You don’t have to be in stunning scenery to enjoy nature, though. It can be appreciated in all its form, wherever it is found. 

Man-Made Wonders of the world

Most of my travels are set around the natural world; I’m usually exploring incredible landscapes or observing the world’s magnificent creatures. And I’m known to wait an eternity to take a photo without any hint of human presence at all.

However, I am often mesmerised by man-made constructs on my travels, too. I find it remarkable that buildings have been constructed so well they have withstood the elements for centuries. And the designs and grandeur of these wonders are fascinating, especially considering they were built without modern technology. So, this is a page to highlight some of the incredible designs and marvellous creations I have seen.


I don’t actually like my own title ‘must see’ – simply because I don’t think these places must be seen. Rather, they locations that are special to me. My list is my list. Other travellers could have a list with different locations that are equally inspiring.

It’s not possible for every one to see every single ‘must-see’ destination. In fact, if everyone attempted to do so, you might find those places were less special with huge crowds. I genuinely admire people who take the same satisfaction in spending time in local destinations, that may not have the same reputation, but are meaningful to them.

I think everyone can find their own path, and take their own enjoyment, from there own experiences – whether they are spectacular or subtle. Make your list your own, what is special to you.

**of course, I could change the title from ‘must see’, but; a) it fits nicely as a heading, and b) it’s given me the chance to get some of my thoughts out above. So, for all of you, there’s a little insight into how my mind works.