Travel Guide

This section is my guide to planning trips, with practical tips to making the most of your adventures – how to do so sensibly, responsibly, and respectfully – as well as my thoughts on other important aspects of travel.

Aside from pleasure-seeking, there are more reasons to travel than might be apparent at first.

Have no one to travel with, or nobody wants to go on the same adventure? That shouldn’t stop you.

What to expect on your maiden voyage, what to be mindful of when planning, and what if things don’t go as expected.

Choosing where to go can be tricky when there are so many options available.

Deciding what to do… Or, at the very least, what not to do when you’re away.

Concerned about airmiles and a carbon footprint? 

Travelling comfortably and enjoyably when living out of a backpack.

Uncomfortable, crazy, or the perfect way to explore?

The art of hitching a ride

Working and travelling abroad.

Donde esta la biblioteca, Pedro?

Photography on your journey:
for memories, or for likes?

Communal living with strangers

Avoiding the well-beaten path in the era of globalisation.

Warning: bit of a rant