What's this all about?

How I got here

I started to write about my travels during a global pandemic, in part because I couldn’t travel, even if I wanted to. On top of that, I was unemployed, and it wasn’t the best time to be job hunting. 

Aside from having additional free time, the reason I decided to write is because I want to believe there was more to my own travelling around the world, than just ‘travelling’ itself.

I know my trips abroad and time away was meaningful to me, and is a significant element of my development personally, as other significant periods of my life. 

I hoped writing about it could help me reinforce that into my thinking, when I was doubting what I had spent a lot of my life so far doing, and worried about the current situation. Particularly as most of my peers were starting a family, saving or saved for a house and had a career. All I had to show were some memories (and a lot of photos) of faraway lands.

Why I am writing to an audience

I want to share what travel can offer you.*

I think there is often an illusion or mysticism around travel. Some people are amazed that I even travelled at all. It’s not uncommon to hear “oh, I couldn’t do that”, or exclamations of “that’s amazing! I’d love to be able to do what you do”. 

I’m hoping my writing might help break down what travelling is. To provide an insight into the reality of the experience.

To those that feel they might not have the courage, to encourage you to go on that adventure you have kept as a dream. For those that don’t have the desire, to highlight the opportunities that are outside your door, and how you can find them. 

*Sure, a bit of praise as a great travel writer wouldn’t go amiss. But it’s mostly for all of you, my readers.

My view on travel

It’s a privilege, an opportunity and a gateway to many things. It will take you outside of your comfort zone, make you think on your feet, unveil different ways of living, introduce you to new friends from the other side of the world, new cultures, new food.

It isn’t for everyone.

For the many benefits from travel, I can’t see why similar benefits can’t be achieved without straying too far from home. You can developed yourself as a person, meet new people, boost your confidence and open your mind without travelling.

While it may seem to defeat the point of this whole website, I don’t think travel in itself is special. With many things in life, it’s what you make of it that matters. I’m here to tell you what I have taken from it and what I think others could as well.