My Adventures

I present to you an assortment of stories, some of which don’t fit into the other categories. These are some of the most memorable times on my travels. From my first backpacking adventure, to hitchhiking in foreign lands, and close encounters with wildlife. I also chronicle many of the mistakes I made along the way – hopefully most of which I have learnt from – from my lesser thought-out escapades.

Overlooking Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

My first extended trip – booked on a whim – three months backpacking on a shoe-string budget

I took this photo by the roadside in case it was my last...

Three weeks hitchhiking and camping around the National Parks of Tasmania

The postcard perfect Moraine Lake

An unforgettable two-week trip in the Canadian Rockies, hiking, sleeping in nature, and spotting incredible wildlife.

In deep snow, around 4,000 metres high

Hiking in the tallest mountain range in the world, entering unprepared, but returning eternally inspired.

Wild camping on a sea loch, Scotland

A week-long road trip, with a lot of driving, around the coast and the Highlands of Scotland.

Arriving onto the island of Ko Tao, Thailand

Another three months of backpacking around some of the well-beaten paths of Southeast Asia.

A sign on the trail in Yorkshire, England

A gruelling four-day hike on a rugged yet scenic section of the Pennine Way.

Walking through the deep Samaria gorge

A week in Crete varied between hiking up mountains and down through a beautiful gorge. As well as my first (and only) stay in an all-inclusive resort.